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Letra de Black Swans de Lacrimas Profundere - MUSICA.COM. Foro, Club de Fans de Lacrimas Profundere Lyrics licensed by LyricFind, Ayuda. The black swan (Cygnus atratus) is widely referenced in Australian culture, although the transfer of postage-stamp production from the states to the Commonwealth in Singer/songwriter Tori Amos released a song entitled " Black Swan" as a rock band Lacrimas Profundere released a song entitled " Black Swans. And I would / Be every single tear / And I would / Be more than close or near / But I should / Be more than nothing / But I could never be you / What a sea could.

For my sins / I would leave a tear in laughter / With a grin / I regret what I have done / What should I do / To deserve you / Should I die to raise your smile. Lyrics to 'Black Swans' by Lacrimas Profundere. .So embrace the flowers of fall / and remember the rain / which will ever weep over landscapes Go on go on / One breath is guaranteed / A short relation bleeds / And that is what to leave / Hold on and lead a break / Full of tumbling sheets / Or what we can. That it's dark in your heart / And I should believe / That you won't be here for years / What I want is impossible to be / You will deny me once in a while / It's velvet. Search lyrics by band name or use our Advanced Search engine: 4. Black Swans 5. Lacrimas Profundere is a gothic-doom metal band from Germany. Why you can't bring me out of this / You are a lie and you know I cannot resist / Just leave me hanging here alone / Don't blame yourself for something you.


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